Training the business practitioner and entrepreneur in business excellence.

Eight day guided workshop on professional development

Training the business practitioner and entrepreneur in business excellence.

Eight day guided workshop on professional development

by aileen

Maximus is excited to offer a workshop to guide you to drive incremental revenue .

““When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people.”” – Chinese Proverb

The Business Excellence Programme


Maximus has designed a 5 Modular (8 day) Programme for the business practitioner, entrepreneur and anyone involved in ensuring the success of a business.

The Business Excellence Programme delivered by Maximus Limited is recognised for CPD (continuing professional development) and can be turned into an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner Certification recognised by the American Board of NLP by completing 5 practical assignments based upon the 5 Modules.

Each Module can be re-designed for in-house training and individual Coaching sessions can be arranged to cover one off topics. For example, the NHS is currently using Maximus to train its Finance Staff in ‘Persuasion Skills’.


Module 1 (1 day) – ‘Strategic Outcome Setting’

You will study this Module if you are interested in setting individual and organisational outcomes within a strategic context and want to improve individual and team results.

This Module considers the latest communication concepts, presuppositions and approaches applied by people who are successful in business.

What will delegates learn on this programme?
  • How to set individual and team outcomes effectively.
  • How people process information and develop perceptions.
  • How to utilise customer information processing to increase sales.
  • The effect of changing values and beliefs on results.
How delegates will learn?

The Maximus Business Excellence Programme has been designed with the business person in mind.

This means that delegates learn by integrating concepts and processes, delivered by the trainer, through a series of exercises. A set of comprehensive notes is provided to all delegates.

Re-enforcement learning is encouraged  by the establishment of e-mail groups.

What can delegates expect if they attend?

Module 1 – ’Strategic Outcome Setting’?

Imagine having the ability to set individual and team outcomes that are achievable. Imagine utilising a customer’s belief system to design a promotion campaign to significantly increase sales.

Having completed ‘Strategic Outcome Setting’ you will, like other Maximus delegates, have the skills to set and achieve results.


Module 2 ( 2 days) – ‘Communicate to Influence’

Research into the human communication process has advanced our understanding of such processes and the language and non-language patterns necessary to influence others.

If your results depend on you influencing others with integrity, you will study Module 2.

If you are also involved in business development and tendering, you will choose this Module.


What will delegates learn on this programme?
  • The techniques behind gaining and maintaining rapport
  • How to switch from surface structure to deep structure language when appropriate
  • How and when to apply ‘the Meta Model’ and ‘the Milton Model’ language patterns
  • How to e-mail to gain and maintain rapport
  • How to write and deliver metaphor to influence
  • Eye patterns and strategy elicitation
  • The pros and cons of using multi-media in a business context


How will delegates learn?

All Maximus Programmes are delivered by suitably qualified personnel supported by detailed notes.

The business focus of the Maximus Programme means that all exercises are designed to integrate models and techniques at the level of business practitioner.       

All delegates will write and deliver an appropriate metaphor as part of the learning process.


What can delegates expect if they attend?

Module 2 – ’Communicate to Influence’

On completion of this Maximus Programme, delegates will be armed with some of the most powerful influencing language patterns. Practicing the techniques learnt on this course will result in ‘perfect influencing’.


Module 3 (1 day) – ‘Negotiating Your Way to Success’

If you need to negotiate with others within or outside your organisation and need easy to apply, practical, negotiating techniques, choose this Module.

When you choose, and complete this Module, you will also be able to recognise the negotiating techniques used by other trained negotiators.

  • How to recognise the other people’s strategies and the use of associative conditioning
  • What delegates will learn on this programme
  • How to chunk up and down within the negotiation process to maintain agreement
  • How to reframe the context and content of an argument
  • How to write metaphors to win negotiations
  • The effect of values and beliefs on the arguments within the negotiation
  • The use of associative conditioning
How will delegates learn?

A ‘real’ negotiation situation will be set up in which all delegates can contribute and participate. This will ensure that the techniques presented by the trainer can be immediately implemented.

Video clips will be shown to illustrate key learning points and all delegates will be provided with a comprehensive set of notes.


What can delegates expect if they attend?

Module 3 – ’Negotiating Your Way to Success’

Some people appear to be natural negotiators and get what they want. What you will find, however, is that they have been trained by an organisation like Maximus.

On completion of this Module, you will be that natural negotiator and will be able to implement the negotiation strategies learnt on this course.


Module 4 (2 days) – ‘Coaching Excellence’

The ability to Coach, in a business context, is rapidly becoming an essential skill to possess because of the effect it has on individuals and, therefore, organisational performance.

You will study this Module if you are required to have the ‘tools’ of a Coach and have occasion to implement the skills of a Coach.


What will delegates learn on this programme?


  • The difference between Mentoring and Coaching
  • How to set individual parameters and goals effectively
  • How to listen and what to listen for
  • The importance of values and beliefs (The Pygmallion Effect)
  • How to change the Coaches beliefs and phobias
  • How to apply the GROW Model
  • How to identify learning styles
  • How to stop the spinning plates
  • How to model excellence
  • How to give appropriate feedback
  • The difference between time management and managing time


How will delegates learn?


A fully comprehensive set of notes, together with a set of appropriate

questionnaires to be used in coaching, will be delivered to delegates by the trainer. Exercises will also be used to ensure that delegates can coach others in a work context.


The material will also contain a number of blank questionnaires which can be photocopied for use in the real work situation.


What can delegates expect if they attend?


Module 4 – ’Coaching Excellence’


At the end of this two day Module delegates can expect to step into a coaching situation instantly with the skills and techniques (and paper work)

necessary for gaining excellent results.


Module 5 (2 days) – ‘Presenting Excellently’

You will choose this Module if you have to:

  • present business topics to an ‘audience’ of any size
  • write your own ‘messages’
  • present to skeptical people


In addition, if you need to control any ‘fears of presenting’, need to consider how to present to the media and have difficulty in memorising scripts, this Module was designed for you.


Day 2 of this Module is co-presented with Karl George MBE and Gary Newbon and allows you the opportunity to observe all the ‘Presenting Excellently’ techniques demonstrated in front of a ‘live’ audience.

What delegates will learn on this programme?


  • How to apply the 4MAT system to writing presentations.
  • How to memorise your presentations.
  • How people process body language at the unconscious level.
  • The problems of media presenting.
  • How to set up and utilise stage anchors.
  • The use of metaphor and ‘open and closed’ loops to add impact.
  • How to deliver hypnotic language patterns to improve feedback.


How will delegates learn?


On Day 1, delegates will learn by working through a personal presentation, applying the techniques delivered by the presenter.


On Day 2, Gary Newbon and Karl George will deliver ‘presenting to the media’ and ‘memory techniques’ whilst delegates continue to learn and observe the applications being applied from Day 1.


A set of notes is provided to all delegates for Days 1 and 2.


What can delegates expect if they attend?


Module 5 – ’Presenting Excellently’


Imagine having the ability to present excellently to get the results you want.

Attending this Module transforms imagination into reality for you.


The 5 Modules are designed to stand-alone or be completed in any sequence you choose:


This programme can be delivered inhouse, minimum number of attendees required is 10 or an agreed fee if less than 10 and public delivery.

Please contact [email protected] and request next scheduled public dates.

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