Helping clients build strong partnerships

Two day guided workshop on practical planning

Helping clients build strong partnerships

Two day guided workshop on practical planning

by aileen

Maximus is excited to offer a workshop to guide you to drive incremental revenue from agreed focus market through joint partnerships.

““When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people.”” – Chinese Proverb

Joint Business Planning


Drives incremental revenue from agreed focus market, vertical and/or client by addressing key drivers with a joint proposition and solution stack.
Builds strong Partner relationship build on mutual understanding and clear engagement plan.
Improved status for Channel Account Manager from delivering tangible value to the Partner.
Plan monitoring and expediting ensures plan is delivered, ensuring revenue, ROI and Partner satisfaction.




The Joint Business Planning program has been designed to support the building of joint Partner and Vendor/Manufacturer value propositions, and to create joint go-to-market engagement plans. This is a two day facilitated workshop to build a practical plan that both parties can, and will, execute upon. The workshop is supported by a planning toolbox to capture the output and provide a way of monitoring and measuring progress. Each workshop should be tuned to reflect the current maturity of planning and the focus required to drive business for both parties.


  • The Plan Phase –- planning your JBP
  • Effective Meeting Management
  • How Retailers Should measure themselves
  • The timeline and the template – what good looks like
  • Review of each KPI in detail to understand what impacts these KPI’s
  • How to ensure continuous improvement against these KPI’s
  • Understanding the Communication style of both Internal and External Customers and adapting yours to significantly improve the relationship
  • The A.D.E.P.T. Concept , The “Ultimate Success Formula”
  • Common Trade Issues and Resolutions and how to deal with them
  • Advanced Negotiation Skills
  • Video Role Plays around current major issues or opportunities within the JBP process


Establish a targeted increase in investment from Top 20 suppliers


In conjunction with buyers the Retail Foundation team will develop, and when required and appropriate, lead the introduction of JBP and the rationale for the cost of entry to suppliers


Post meetings Retail Foundation will in conjunction with buyers develop next key steps with suppliers leading to


  • Enhanced  L.T.A from Suppliers as Cost of entry to J.B.P process
  • Enhanced Promotional Investment from Suppliers  to drive growth in 2012
  • Enhanced Range & Margin via optimised ranging programme
  • Enhanced In-Store Activity in line with Retailers themes & mechanics
  • Joint Business Plans developed with all Major Suppliers  for 2012
  • Category Management, Driven by Category Captains & Retailer
  • Tools for Implementing New Processes and for Monitoring & Measuring Sales & Investment,
  • Strict Process for Supplier Engagement re Listings, Promotions, etc




Engagement & Preparation

Channel Manager engages with the Partner, and internally, to obtain buy-in and commitment of key stakeholders. Define maturity of engagement and agree focus for planning. Ensure the right people are committed to, and engaged in, the joint planning process.


Joint Business Planning Workshop [Day 1]

Building the joint value proposition by focusing on key market drivers, defining the solution stack and identifying competitive differentiation. Partner and Vendor have an agreed proposition which clearly meets client’s needs.


Joint Business Planning Workshop [Day 2]

Building a joint execution plan with a clear joint engagement approach, joint team planner and opportunities list. Sales teams have a clear plan of engagement and target list.


Plan Execution Monitoring

Complete the actions defined in the above two steps to finalise the plan. This is monitored and managed to ensure actions are completed to agreed timescales. Most initiatives fail due to lack of follow through, this keep the momentum to execute. Both days are supported by the planning toolbox


Executive Approval

Present a synopsis of the plan to Partner and Vendor for Executive approval. Commitment to investment and resource and provides visibility of the joint engagement.


Execution & Measurement

Frequent (period to be agreed) monitoring of action progress with action owners and reporting to plan owners. This ensures delivery of the overall plan, to both Vendor and the Partner, and the realisation of the incremental revenue from joint proposition and go to market